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“Christmas every month” Chris’s Story

Chris from Greensburg, Pennsylvania knows how to shop for himself, and he wants to set the record straight. “I never needed any help picking out what fits me, but I like surprises,” he said. Chris signed up for ThreadBeast a few months ago because he wanted the...

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“Wish I found out sooner” Adrian’s Story

Adrian from Saint Paul, Minnesota knew about ThreadBeast for a few years before signing up last month. “I don’t know why I waited. I guess something else always came up,” he said about considering signing up for years. Adrian has had no trouble shopping in his area,...

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“Better when I came back” Parker’s Story

Parker from Baltimore, Maryland was a ThreadBeast member initially in 2016 but cancelled after underwhelming packages. “Just to be straight, the boxes were boring. I didn’t hate the stuff, but it didn’t do much for me,” Parker said of his first round of packages....

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“Always thinking about it” Ozzie’s Story

Ozzie from Bakersfield, California is a skeptical dude by nature, and keeps it real with his style assistant at ThreadBeast. “I’m not like stingy or anything like that, but I’m always thinking about if stuff is like on the level I want, you know?” Ozzie said of his...

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“Thanks for the connect, T-Mobile” – Andre’s Story

Andre from Green Bay, Wisconsin had signed up for a T-Mobile Tuesday giveaway where he received a free mystery item. “So I had been rocking this duct tape wallet for a long-ass time,” Andre said. “Then I sign up for the ThreadBeast item giveaway on the T-Mobile app...

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“It’s the only option” – Tim’s Story

Tim from Saginaw, Michigan had been cycling through different fashion subscriptions before ThreadBeast. “You know how companies always have epic signup deals… well I usually just get that offer then unsubscribe,” Tim said. “But, I couldn’t move on from ThreadBeast.”...

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