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“I was beyond pleased” Xavier’s story

Xavier from Fort Lauderdale, Florida needed more clothing options. He signed up for the Premium Plan, but rarely liked to wear the same thing twice. He learned about Threadbeast’s Baller Plan and knew he needed to upgrade....

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“Now I know what looks good on me” Jason’s story

Jason from Charlotte, North Carolina was always nervous to try out new styles. That was until he joined Threadbeast.          “I would always see clothing at the Mall that looked great on the rack, but I knew I couldn’t pull it...

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“EVEN THE BOX IS DOPE” Malik’s story

Malik from Baltimore, Maryland always has the best connects out of his friends. ThreadBeast is one of many hookups that he’s always bragging to his boys about. “I got the latest games, I know the best spots in the 410, I’m always putting my boys onto something,” Malik...

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“Everyone should be on this” Justin’s story

Justin from Rockford, Illinois is going on his 7th month with ThreadBeast. “I’m not one to be like a cheerleader for some company,” Justin said. “But everyone should be on this.”  Justin started posting his packages to Facebook and Instagram after his 3rd month....

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“Saved money big time” Thompson’s story

Thompson from Minneapolis, Minnesota is a big spender. Or at least, he used to be. “When you get your paycheck you gotta treat yourself sometimes,” Thompson said. “But ya boy goes overboard.” Thompson said his average trip to the mall costs him around $90 each time....

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