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“I was skeptical to start” – Tre’s story

Tre from Clovis, California became a member with ThreadBeast back in March 2019. Tre is a big fan of Zumiez, but didn’t like the prices or the long drive to his local mall. He came across an advertisement for ThreadBeast on Facebook and decided to look into the...

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“Made the switch and never looked back” – Adam’s story

Adam from Spartanburg, South Carolina decided to try ThreadBeast after months of using other services. Adam had previously been a member of a men’s clothing subscription. “It was something like Stitch Fix where they ask a bunch of questions and then make clothes for...

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“Started off weak but now going strong” – Alex’s story

Alex from Washington, D.C. was not satisfied with his first box. Simply put, Alex felt that what he received did not match what he saw in the advertisements. Alex was quick to email the ThreadBeast team about the missed target. “The pants I received were okay, but the...

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Referral Gone Awry – Saul’s story

Saul from San Francisco, California was referred to ThreadBeast by his brother. “He told me it was a monthly box of hypebeast streetwear or something, and so I gave it a shot,” Saul said about joining ThreadBeast. During the referral process, Saul’s brother forgot to...

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“Not what I typically go for” – Eric’s story

Eric from Johnstown, Pennsylvania signed up to ThreadBeast not knowing what to expect. Eric’s favorite stores include Macy's, JCPenney and H&M. Beyond that, however, Eric does not have much brand loyalty. “I mean, I wear what looks good on me but I don’t really...

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“I’m not good at style” – Kenny’s story

Kenny from Mobile, Alabama signed up for ThreadBeast after suffering from decision fatigue for his entire shopping life. Kenny would spend hours in Zumiez, Pacsun and Footlocker to name a few, and end up not buying anything. “Shopping has always sucked. I don’t mind...

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