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“Saved money big time” Thompson’s story

Thompson from Minneapolis, Minnesota is a big spender. Or at least, he used to be. “When you get your paycheck you gotta treat yourself sometimes,” Thompson said. “But ya boy goes overboard.” Thompson said his average trip to the mall costs him around $90 each time....

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“Respect the weather” Bobby’s Story

Bobby is from Scottsdale, Arizona, where it doesn’t get that cold. He didn’t know what to expect on that front when joining ThreadBeast, but he knew his malls weren’t cutting it. “I know they ship all over America, but different areas and different weathers, you...

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“They respect that” Antwan’s Story

Antwan from Flint, Michigan was hesitant to sign up with ThreadBeast because of certain pieces he’d see on Instagram. “I’m cool with graphics, you know, but not with crazy colors that you could see from a block away,” Antwan said about his style.  Antwan signed...

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“What’s next?” Brandon’s Story

Brandon from Anaheim, California has been a ThreadBeast member for 4 months now. He was one of several members to be grandfathered into the loyalty reward program that gets him points for every dollar spent with ThreadBeast. “I mainly signed up because of the ads I...

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Exchanges were a game changer” Josh’s Story

Josh from Portland, Oregon is a self-proclaimed gym rat which means going up and down sizes monthly. “I like quality for my clothes, except it costs too much to buy a nice shirt and then have to toss it when it doesn’t fit the next month,” Josh said on changing sizes...

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“Christmas every month” Chris’s Story

Chris from Greensburg, Pennsylvania knows how to shop for himself, and he wants to set the record straight. “I never needed any help picking out what fits me, but I like surprises,” he said. Chris signed up for ThreadBeast a few months ago because he wanted the...

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