Rich from Shreveport, Louisiana does not like to try new things. He sticks with what he likes and rarely goes outside of his comfort zone.  

For four months, Rich has received packages from ThreadBeast. “When I joined, I called customer service and made sure that I was going to get the kind of clothing I’m into.” He explained. “I know the clothing that looks good on me and knew if I got anything I didn’t like, I would cancel right away.”

Last month, Rich received an email from ThreadBeast asking if he would like to upgrade to a different plan. “The package shown in the email was full of different colors, but looked amazing.” Rich said. “It looked like nothing I would ever buy, but for some reason I couldn’t get that combo out of my mind.”

Rich upgraded to the Baller Plan and called customer service to change his style profile. “Jade help me change a couple things on my profile, so I could get a fit close to what was in the email.” Rich stated. “She explained to me that I can change my profile any time I want and this way if I wanted to go back to the past style I had, it wouldn’t be a problem.”

Rich’s 4th package was quite different from the previous three. “These items were a change for me, but I liked the variety.” He said. Rich loves that he can update his look whenever he wants. “ThreadBeast gives an individual the chance to expand their style.”