Carlos from Santa Fe, New Mexico received ThreadBeast as a gift 6 months ago. “My wife surprised me with the Premium Plan and I’ve been a member ever since.” Carlos said.

A few months ago, Carlos saw an unboxing on Youtube that blew his mind. “This guy unboxes a baller package and I was shocked when I saw the Nike Air Shox .” Carlos explained. “I had no idea ThreadBeast had a Baller Plan.”

He emailed customer service right away. “I had to upgrade for the shoes alone.” Carlos said.

Olga sent him a link for the Baller Plan and Carlos patiently waited for his next package. “I was so excited I logged into my account every day to see if it had shipped yet.” Carlos said.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the box.” Carlos said.

Carlos loved the variety, and the Nikes were just an added bonus.

Carlos now posts pictures of his ThreadBeast packages every month. “I love posting that I am a Baller member!” Carlos explained. “It’s great when my friends ask how can they get the hook up.”