Adam from Spartanburg, South Carolina decided to try ThreadBeast after months of using other services. Adam had previously been a member of a men’s clothing subscription.

“It was something like Stitch Fix where they ask a bunch of questions and then make clothes for you,” Adam recalled of his last membership. “… but I’m more of a skater style and wanted the brands I’m used to.”

When Adam came across ThreadBeast, he realized the service offers only established brands like the ones he shops for at the mall. He officially made the switch back in December.

“I saw all of these ThreadBeast unboxings and noticed stuff from Vans, Superdry, Brixton, and other name stuff I wear a lot of,” Adam said about his decision.

Adam was disappointed when his first package turned up slightly dented. Inside, the hoodie he received was slightly torn as a result of poor shipping and handling. Adam emailed the ThreadBeast team right away and was sent a replacement piece without having to exchange anything.

“They’re really good about replacing something that isn’t in good condition, and the deliveries are always on time,” said Adam.

Going into his 7th month, Adam is constantly adding onto his style profile with the latest brands and never looking back.