Amber from Phoenix, Arizona was lost on what to get her boyfriend for Christmas. “This was our first Christmas together and I wanted to set the bar high.” She said.

Amber’s friend recommended ThreadBeast. “I went to the website and the clothing was exactly what my boyfriend was into.” Amber explained. “I went ahead and filled out a style profile for him and chose the Essential Plan.”

Amber was nervous that she might have not picked her boyfriend’s exact style. “He is definitely a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy, but sometimes he likes to change it up.” Amber said. She was relieved once she received an email from ThreadBeast.

“Right after I signed up, I got an email answering some of the questions I had and I was able to reply and explain my concerns.” She said. Amber was able to give her boyfriend’s stylist more info about what he liked and disliked. She was even able to send over some pictures.

“My boyfriend loved every item!” Amber excitingly explained. “He feels he has his own personal shopper now and he told me it’s the best gift he got.” Amber’s boyfriend loved the box so much he upgraded to the Premium Plan for his January package.