Eric from Johnstown, Pennsylvania signed up to ThreadBeast not knowing what to expect. Eric’s favorite stores include Macy’s, JCPenney and H&M. Beyond that, however, Eric does not have much brand loyalty.

“I mean, I wear what looks good on me but I don’t really read the tags,” Eric said about his style. “I guess I like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, but I don’t really care about brands that much.”

When Eric joined ThreadBeast, he began to receive brands he didn’t recognize at all. Even for someone who doesn’t care for brands, Eric was admittedly concerned if he was getting the right value.

“I remember I got a hoodie, a snapback, some chino shorts and I think a t-shirt. I tried it all on and it fit but I wasn’t familiar with the brands,” Eric said. “I wasn’t sure I would continue after the first month, but the first time I wore the pieces out, I actually got a lot of compliments from my friends.”

Eric went on to search up some of the brands he received, to find that the retail prices both online and in stores were above and beyond what he was paying for his ThreadBeast package.

“I felt a lot better after doing my own research and decided to keep the service. I pay a lot more attention to brands now and feel like I know the ones that are my best fit,” said Eric. 

Eric has now been a member for 9 months.