Thompson from Minneapolis, Minnesota is a big spender. Or at least, he used to be.

“When you get your paycheck you gotta treat yourself sometimes,” Thompson said. “But ya boy goes overboard.”

Thompson said his average trip to the mall costs him around $90 each time. His favorite stores are Zumiez, GameStop and Champs Sports. He went through his bank statement for last month and calculated $294 spent at the mall. That was only from the threads he bought.

“It’s bad man. Seeing that number was kind of a wakeup call,” Thompson said.

He decided to click on a Facebook ad for ThreadBeast and give the $85 Essential Plan a try. Utilizing a promo code, he even got a free pair of kicks on the first box.

“I’m still gonna hit the mall, but not for clothes anymore,” Thompson said. “ThreadBeast saved me money big time.”