Jonah from Kansas only shops on the internet. He lives in a rural area and its difficult for him to find the top brands.

“I used to be on Zumiez and Pac Sun’s sites every week to find things I like,” Jonah said. He started getting tired of looking through different styles all the time. To make his life easier, he started subscriptions with different clothing companies. “You name it, I tried it!”

No matter the company, Jonah was always disappointed in most of the selection. “I would email and call these people telling them this is not my style and it was frustrating,” Jonah explained. “I was spending all this time and money to get fitted right, just to have to return most of the items I got.”

Jonah saw an Ad for ThreadBeast and was intrigued. “I liked that you kept everything they sent you without any additional fees,” Jonah said. His first box was not his favorite. “I thought, here we go again and called customer service with my issues.”

Jonah could not believe how thorough the customer service agent was. “Andy asked me all these questions and it really felt like he wanted to know my style inside and out,” Jonah explained. His next box felt like it was curated just for him. “I’m not gonna lie, I was shocked.”

Now Jonah is on his 8th package and looks forward to ThreadBeast every month. “Now this is what I am talking about,” Jonah said. “You roll the dice with these services. But with ThreadBeast they work with you to get it right!”