Ozzie from Bakersfield, California is a skeptical dude by nature, and keeps it real with his style assistant at ThreadBeast.

“I’m not like stingy or anything like that, but I’m always thinking about if stuff is like on the level I want, you know?” Ozzie said of his general thoughts. “I been getting the boxes since Summer.”

Ozzie sometimes love his packages, and other times he just likes them. “I never hate the stuff, but you know some months are like on point.” he said.

“I’m just kind of a skeptical dude so I’m always iffy about continuing month to month,” Ozzie said of his subscription. “And you know, finances and bills, stuff like that. The stylist Bella, she always on top of my flip flopping.” 

Ozzie has changed his payment date a total of 7 times over the course of 3 months.

“I know it’s probably so annoying, but I gotta say Bella is patient as hell with me and never complained,” Ozzie said of his stylist. “I’m always thinking about it, do I quit this month or just wait, and ThreadBeast makes it so easy to pay when I want and take a break when I need.”

“There really aint sh*t out here in Bakersfield, so it’s good to be with a service that can keep up with me.”