“I’ll be straight, I HATED my first box,” said Phillip from Hobbs, New Mexico. “I live in a state where it’s basically summer year-round and ThreadBeast sent me a flannel and a hoodie.”

Phillip was frustrated with his first package and took to email to express his feelings on the clothing box. Within minutes he was on the phone with a representative.

“I got this guy Nick on the phone and he was super cool about everything,” Phillip said about his phone call. “He let me exchange the clothes for some shorts and t-shirts. I ended up also getting an extra dad hat just cause.”

During signup, Phillip forgot to list any items he wanted to avoid and so his stylist didn’t have a chance to adjust. Since the phone call, his profile has been updated and he’s been getting the exact pieces he needs for the weather and remains a happy member.

“It was a close call when I got that first box, but now I’m happy I stayed.”